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Tel: 01851 706616

Find us in Willowglen Garden Centre, Ropework Park, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2HD

If flowers are the key to a person’s heart then Occasions Florists in Stornoway should have yours turning somersaults.

Wall to wall fresh and artificial displays, indoor plants and colourful containers line this light and airy shop set just back from the busy aisles of its sister company, Willowglen Garden Centre. In fact, we’d say it’s the biggest choice you’ll find in the whole Outer Hebrides.

Now in its 19th year our family run shop knows how to light up life with sensuous cut and silk flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes - for every occasion. Whether its a single red rose you’re looking for or a display to wow the crowds there is something for every budget here.

In fact, we know by experience that choosing your special bouquet can be tricky. But don’t worry, because here at Occasions Florists first class advice is all part of the service offered by owner Ann - a florist of nearly 50 years experience - and son Richard (yes, a man who really does know about flowers).

We offer a daily delivery service too that ensures your floral gifts will arrive at their destination almost straight away. We can also send flowers world-wide - and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. 


We have the largest selection of silk flowers in the Western Isles and we are pretty proud of that.

These blooms, sourced from top suppliers are so realistic that you might do a double take - garden fresh in look but guaranteed to last. A few of these in your home will brighten up dark winter days, offering colour that never fades. Or treasure them as keepsakes that will stand the test of time - mementos to happy or heartfelt occasions. 


Nothing beats the scent of fresh cut flowers and every day at Occasions Florists we feel so lucky to be surrounded by it.

Delivered three times a week our flowers are always beautifully fresh guaranteeing an impressive and long lasting display.

We can provide fresh flowers in flat packs, carefully arranged to survive travel without damage – particularly good for events of larger occasions. Or you could purchase a boxed “Aqua Bouquet” arranged in an absorbent “oasis” mould so that you just need to add water. Alternatively our Aquapack comes wrapped in cellophane with water keeping the plants extremely fresh. You can also purchase flowers hand tied without water - ideal if you are delivering them straight away. 


Redundant corners of your home or conservatory need exist no more for here at Occasions Florists we have a wide selection of houseplants that will fill those nooks and crannies and

make your home a lighter, brighter place. From hardy cacti to indoor ferns and exotics we have something for everyone. Most aren’t hard to look after but if you are unsure just ask our friendly staff who will be happy to advise. We can give you some tips that will guarantee your indoor gardening success - we hope.


Pots and vases – well they are a bit like shoes aren’t they? You just never have the quite the right style when you need it. That’s why we’ve made sure we have a big choice here at Occasions Florists, offered at good prices. We believe a good bloom gets even better when you get the container right. And if we don’t have what you are looking for don’t worry - we’ll order it in.




Sad occasions are never easy and making choices at these times can leave you at an all-time low. We will help you plan floral tributes to friends and loved ones and take some of the difficult decision making off your hands - if that's what you would like. We can provide wreath rings, double or single ended coffin sprays, tied sheaths and personalised tributes all in fresh or artificial flowers of your choice. If you are looking for a larger display then please ask - we are happy to help.


Whether it's your wedding or a festive occasion such as Easter, Christmas or a big birthday - flowers can lend that extra special something to any occasion. Our name says it all for here at Occasions Florists we are a cut above when it comes to adding a floral signature to remember to any big day. Whether its something fun, something fancy or something bold, simple and beautiful we’ll make sure you get it just right. Look out for our Christmas displays each Autumn - we really go to town with a tempting selection of decorations. So when you have been next door to buy your tree, just head in here and gather some festive treats, from hyacinths and holly sprays to yule-tide sparkle and “bling.”